Last updated on the 30th January 2017


The League Competition terminates on 2nd Saturday in September.Two triples from each club play two triples of the other clubs in the Association.
Two points are awarded for a win and one point for a draw on each of the two triples played. One extra bonus point is to be awarded for an overall win.In th event of a tie the
the bonus point is halved.
To be awarded the bonus point for the overall shots win, a team must field the full Quota of 6 players.
A team shall be allowed to field a team without a full Quota of players no more than four times throughout the league season, this includes the conceding of matches for any reason              , if a team contravenes this rule, they will be withdrawn from the league for the remainder of that season.
In the event of a tie-on points at the head of the table, the Club with the better shots average shall be the winners This rule will apply to all positions in the table.
Fixtures will be arranged by the second week in February.

(a) By mutual consent league games may commence at 5.30p.m. in May, then fixed times of 6 p.m. from 1st June to 31st July and 5.30p.m. from 1st August. 
     Games may be played at an earlier time by mutual consent.
     In the event of a Club arriving 30 minutes after the starting time, the Home Club – if all players are assembled – will take 4 points and ten shots

 (b) A club unable to field two triples shall play one triple and their opponents are awarded two points and five shots for the non-playing triple.
       In the event of one club only putting forward one team instead of two, the club with two teams make out two cards and the one with one team make out their card and a blank one.
       these cards should then be placed face down and selected by an independent body.

(c) Rink score cards shall not be numbered before the visiting Captain is asked to draw for rinks to be played on for this game. 

(d) once dates have been arranged by the league secretary a club shall not cancel any game unless circumstances (on the day) are unavoidable i.e. bad weather or unless permitted                   to do so by the league secretary (i.e. set date county competitions leaving a club depleted of players).  
      The league secretary must be notified of any/all prior intended cancellations at least 24 hours before the fixture in question, failure to comply will result in the club cancelling the fixture              forfeiting the points for that match.  After being granted permission to cancel a fixture by the league secretary the club cancelling the fixture must also inform their opposition again at              least 24 hours before the match in question.

 (e) Whenever a club cancels a game within the prescribed time, their opponents will then offer three dates for the re-arranged fixture, excluding Bank Holidays,                                                        Saturdays preceding same, Sundays, and Wednesdays, unless mutually agreed but only two days in any one week. No dates to be offered after the 2nd Saturday in September.                      One of the dates must be accepted or the game forfeited. 

(f) Should any club fail to receive such notice of cancellation this club should inform the League Secretary immediately and the Committee will decide the allocation of the points.

(g) In the event of it being impossible to complete a match due to adverse conditions and by mutual agreement of the captains or by direction of the green keeper. 

      The following rule shall apply to the league competition.If an average of 12 ends have been played across the rinks the game shall be deemed to have been completed
 and the points awarded accordingly. If, however the ends completed are less than the average of 12 at the time of abandonment then the match must be completed at a later 
 date on the same rink and with the same players where practicable.