TALBA Competition Rules

The rules below have been extracted from the current Constitution & Rule Book as revised at  2011

Copies of the revised Constitution & Rule Book may be purchased from Hazel Beauchamp.
This page was last updated on the 31st March 2017

1.   All Competitions shall be played under the laws of the I.B.B. and this Association.

2.  All players in these Competitions must be bonafide members of a Club affiliated to T.A.L.B.A. No player can be entered by more than one Club.

3.     Entrance fees shall be decided at each A.G.M.


a)     Entry forms shall be forwarded to Club delegates no later than 31st. January.

b)    The names of all competitors must be entered on the entry forms which, when completed, copies to be returned to the Competition Secretary and to the Treasurer with the entry fees not later than 28th. February that year.

c)     No competitor is allowed to play for more than one team in the same competition.

d)    After the closing date of the above entries, no entry will be allowed to withdraw to partner another entry in the same competition.

e)     One substitute is allowed in Pairs and Triples.Substitute must be named as such on the scorecard, and after playing may not play for any other entry
in the same competition.  If the substitute is required prior to the start of the game she may play in any position.If required during the game she may play
in any position except skip.

      a)    The competitor(s) appearing first in the draw shall be the challenger(s) and offer 3 dates with no more than 2 dates in any one week (Sunday to Saturday).
           Acceptance of a given date being within 48 hours. Weekend dates  may be offered but League dates must be avoided and County dates avoided
          where possible unless mutually agreed by both teams. The offering of dates
must be made within 5 days of the commencement of a particular round.

      b)  Should the challenger(s) fail to offer their opponents 3 dates within the first 5 days, the opponents then become the challenger(s), who within the next
          3 days should offer 2 dates to play the game.if the competitors fail to abide by the 5 - day initial challenge of the commencement of a particular round and
          the 3 - day subsequent challenge rule,the game will be declared void and both parties will be eliminated from the competition.

c)     In the event of a lady not being available to mark a singles game, a gentleman marker is allowed.The onus of providing markers in all rounds except the Finals is upon the Challenger.

d)    Uncompleted games.In the event of it being impossible to complete a game, the game must be completed on the same green unless mutually agreed otherwise at the time of abandoning.

e)     Result cards should bear the reference number or letter of the Competitors.  The names of ALL Competitors and substitutes (clearly marked as such)     to be put on the score cards. Cards to be signed by both Competitors or Skips and cards sent and results notified to the Competition Secretary by the closing date of that round. Should a card be received by the Competition Secretary that does not comply with the rule above she should inform the competitors by return that the result of the game will not be accepted.In these cases the opponent(s) for the next round will be given the credit of     winning that round.

f)      Competitions to start at 6.00 pm. Earlier starts by mutual consent.

g)     The withdrawal of the lady from the Fred Bromley Competition invalidates that entry.

h)    White tops and regulation grey skirts or trousers must be worn for all Competitions, unless individual Clubs have been granted permission to wear their            coloured shirts.Regulation white tops with collar and sleeves and regulation white skirts or trousers and Club flashes must be worn for Finals Day.

i)       Finals day shall normally be the second Sunday in September.Any finalist failing to play on that day, unless for unavoidable circumstances,shall be banned from entering Competitions in the following season.