Match Secretary  

                        Roger Cornwell
                        13 Milford Road 

    Grays  Essex  RM16  2QL                                                            

Tel 01375  375545 (Mobile 07802768339)    e mail             



I am pleased to inform you that 22 Matches have been arranged for the forthcoming season, details of which are given below.

You will note the matches have been divided into 7 Groups and I will be pleased  if you will let me know if you wish to be considered for any particular match by the date given in the last column.  

Please use the attached form. (Click on the link at the bottom of this page to open and print the form.)

ID1 Sat 07 Oct Dartford Stone Lodge IBC W 6 Mixed
A Dartford Stone Lodge IBC    DA2  6PD 2.00 pm 30 Sept
ID2 Sat 14 Oct Clacton IBC G 6 Mixed A

Valley Rd CO15 6NA

2.30 pm 30 Sept
ID3 Sat 21 Oct Havering IBC W 6 Mixed A Havering IBC    RM11  1JU 2.30 pm 30 Sept
ID4 Sun 05 Nov Gravesend  &  District W 6M A Havering IBC     RM11  1JU    2.30 pm 30 Sept
ID5 Sat  11 Nov Luton IBC *  W 8 Mixed A Luton IBC    2.00 pm 30 Oct
ID6 Sun 19 Nov

Cheshunt IBC

G 6 Mixed A

Cheshunt IBC  EN8 8XG

2.30 pm 30 Oct
ID7 Sun 26 Nov Dartford Stone Lodge IBC W 6 Mixed A Dartford Stone Lodge IBC    DA2  6PD 2.00 pm 30 Oct


Sat  02 Dec

Essex County  IBC

W 6 Mixed A Essex County IBC    SS0  8NE 2.00 pm 30 Nov
ID9 Sun  10 Dec Oyster IBC * G 8 Mixed A Oyster IBC   CT5 1AE 2.30 pm 30 Nov
ID10 Sat  06 Jan Deangate Ridge IBC W 6 Mixed A Deangate Ridge IBC  ME3 8RZ 2.15 pm 30 Nov
ID11 Sun  14 Jan

Tilbury  IBC

W     6 Mixed     A Tilbury IBC    RM18  8AA  2.30 pm 31 Dec
ID12 Thu  18 Jan Norfolk County EBA  V Presidents  BA W     9 Mixed    H Tye Green IBC  CM18   6LY 2.00 pm 31 Dec
ID13 Sun  21 Jan Barking IBC W 4-6 Mixed A Longbridge Road Barking 2.30 pm 31 Dec
ID14 Sat  03  Feb Swale IBC W  6 Mixed A Sittingbourne ME10 2BL 2.00 pm 31 Dec
ID15 Sun 11 Feb Cheshunt  IBC
G 6 Mixed A Cheshunt IBC  EN8 8XG 2.30 pm 10 Jan
ID16 Sat  17 Feb Folkestone IBC  G 7 Mixed A Folkestone IBC   CT19  5JU 2.30 pm 10 Jan
ID17 Wed 28 Feb Tye Green IBC W 6 Mixed A Tye Green IBC   CM18   6LY 2.00 pm 10 Jan
ID18 Sun  04 Mar Thameside Wanderers BC W 8 Mixed H Havering IBC    RM11  1JU    2.30 pm 07 Feb
ID19 Sun 11 Mar Falcon IBC W 6 Mixed A Falcon IBC    CM3  3FB 2.15 pm 07 Feb
 ID20 Sun  18 Mar North West Essex BA W 6M A Turpins BC Saffron Walden    CM18   6LY 2.30 pm 07 Feb
ID21 Sun  25 Mar Brentwood & District BA W 6M A Havering IBC     RM11  1JU    2.30 pm 06 Mar
ID22 Sat  07 Apr

Essex County IBC

W 6 Mixed A

Essex County SS0 8NE

2.00 pm 06 Mar
Sat  14 Apr Prince Arthur B.C   W 8 Mixed Triples A

Prince Arthur Gillingham  

2.00 pm 06 Mar

*Denotes Coach
To qualify for an Association game a player  shall  be - (a) A member of a Club in membership of the Association
(b) Bowlers who have not bowled for the Association before should be nominated by his Club as a suitable player on the appropriate form  ONLY
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